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Free Road Hazard Warranty is a policy for all Car Radial Tyres & benefits a customer by providing coverage for Un-intentional Damages- Road Hazards.


Free Road Hazard Warranty policy is effective from April 2013 for a period of up to 2 years from the date of purchase of tyre OR. Up- to 50 % of tread wear whichever is earlier. It is applicable on all the range of passenger Car Radials Tyres on a Pro-Rata basis.


  1. Free Road Hazard Warranty policy is applicable to customers who have completed the registration process at the time of purchase.
  2. To avail, the benefits of the policy Registration is mandatory, which can be done via
    1. Registering in our website - www.falkentyre.in or
    2. By calling our Toll Free Hotline no. 1800-103-9696 or
    3. By emailing to customer_services@falkentyre.in
  3. Prior to registration, the Customer must read the Falken “Free Road Hazard Warranty Policy” as any registration after this shall be considered as adherence to the Falken Free Road Hazard Warranty policy. (Visit www.falkentyre.in_warranties for more information on the Policy)
  4. All passenger car tyres in rim sizes: 12”, 13”, 14”, 15” & 16” are covered under Falken "Free Road Hazard Warranty Policy".
  5. Customer, in order to avail the policy, must also present the below-mentioned documents:
    1. Original Warranty Card,
    2. Purchase Proof/ Invoice Copy(With a date of Purchase)
    3. Vehicle registration details/ address


  1. Accidental damages cuts
  2. Impact break damage
  3. Run-flat damage
  4. Non – repairable damage through cuts on the tread area
  5. Non – repairable damage cuts on side walls
  6. Any other damages NOT caused due to poor vehicle conditions, inflation pressure, Alignment, mechanical problems.


  1. Intentional damages.
  2. Uneven wear caused due to mechanical irregularities.
  3. Mounting/demounting damages.
  4. Gaiter damages.
  5. Damages due to repairing.
  6. Nail holes repairable minor damages as confirmed by Falken Service Personnel



Falken Tyre India Pvt. Ltd. (FTI), reserves the right to modify, change, withdraw or cancel the entire Free Road Hazard Warranty Policy without any notice in advance.


Free Road Hazard Warranty Policy: The terms & conditions of this policy are governed by the laws in force, in India. In case of any dispute arising between the Customer and FTI with regards to the claim adjustments or disputes, all arbitrations will fall under the jurisdiction of District Court of Gurgaon.

*Rest company itself reserves all the rights of warranty and policies.

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