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When you get to know about your tyre size, it will be an easy part to select a suitable tyre. Tyre size gives a lot of info about its manufacturer, size, model etc. This information is available on the sidewall of your tyre and it will be like this: 195/55 R16 87V. Below we are providing a detailed description of terms called for regular and humble profile tyres:

For A Tyre Size Of 195/55 R 16 87V

How to define Tyre Profile

Nominal Section Width

The first three digit numeric bit tells about the tyre's "Section Width" (cross section) in millimeters. Here the 195 states that this tyre is 195 mm crossways from the widest point of its exterior sidewall to the widest point of its internal sidewall when attached and calculated on a specific width wheel.

Aspect Ratio

The two digit number succeeded by the Nominal Section Width is a two digit number that informs about the tyre's profile or aspect ratio. The number 55 in the above diagram states that the tyre's sidewall height is 55% of its section width. Note that when this number is high, the sidewall of the tyre is high. When this number is low, the sidewall is also low.


A letter (R in this case) that refers to the tyre's inside configuration and this follows the aspect ratio. The above tyre size states that that the tyre has a Radial construction with which the tyre body carries out from the rarefied center of the wheel.

Rim Diameter

The number 16 referred in the construction in the above diagram confirm that the tyre and wheel diameter are in inches. For more details about the Load And Speed Index , read the next section

Speed Symbol On Your Tyre

It is very significant that you verify your speed symbols prior to the purchase of your tyres. Also at the time when you are replacing your vehicle's tyres, ensure that the tyres are new. In spite of variation in size, they have the same speed symbol. Speed symbol prescribes the maximum speed, it can withstand For the example tyre given in the above section, the symbol V tells that its maximum speed to 240 kmph. Similarly, other speed symbols along with relative speeds are available in the table given herein.

A15 B50 L120 W270
A210 C60 M130 Y300
A315 D65 N140
A420 E70 P150
A525 F80 Q160
A630 G90 U200
A735 J100 H210
A840 K110 V240

Load Index On Your Tyre

The number followed by the rim diameter records the highest load that the tyre can take. Generally an approximate load estimate of a tyre is calculated by dividing the total load capacity of the vehicle by four and verifying the result (Total Load Carrying Capacity) for the connected load index in the table below. Few vehicles need tyres that are graded to hold a higher load and therefore have a greater inflation pressure. This information is available in the manufacturer's hand guide and the tyres will have RF marking (Reinforced) or XL (Extra Load)

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