Looking for Tyre Franchise in India?


Mytyrepoint.com is India's fastest growing Multibrand Tyre retail chain business today. Our low prices and high-rated customer service is our business asset and we have grown from humble stage to establish as a leading tyre retailer. We are looking for entrepreneurs to partner with us to revolutionize automobile industry in India. We already have 10+ profitable stores countrywide.


  • Multiple Brand Management
  • Tyre Companies Business Network and tie Up’s
  • Single Deposit Account System
  • No Targets- No Pressure
  • Training
  • Site Selection and interior designing and planning.
  • New Products developments


    Multibrand Tyre Store


  • Automotive Enthusiast, willing to start a new Business
  • Educated, energetic and customer obsessed partner.
  • Investment: INR Up to 20 Lakhs.


  • India's Fastest growing Multibrand Retail Chain.
  • Technology Driven processes.
  • Multiple Brand Management.
  • Centralized supplies and simplifies front end.
  • Backed by experts and professionals.


  • Ph : 8700565256
  • Email : contact@mytyrepoint.com


MTP Stores

Tyre store in Hodal

Newly opened MyTyrePoint store in Hodal.

MyTyrePointHodal is an all around equipped multi brand tyre retail outlet in Hodal Haryana with automatic tyre services.

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Tyre store in Mangalore

Newly opened MyTyrePoint store in Mangalore.

Branded Modern Multi Brand Tyre Retail Outlet outfitted with world-class USA's Tyre Servicing Machines and flavor of German Car Wash Technology.

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Tyre store in Dombivali

Newly opened MyTyrePoint store in Dombivali.

Ultra Modern Tyre Retail Outlet equipped with world-class 3D Alignment, Automatic Wheel balancer and tyre changer with Nitrogen filling.

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Tyre store in Ultra Modern Tyre Retail Outlet Taloda Nandurbar

Newly opened MyTyrePoint store in Ultra Modern Tyre Retail Outlet Taloda Nandurbar.

Ultra Modern Tyre Retail Outlet equipped with world-class 3D Alignment, Automatic Wheel balancer and tyre changer with Nitrogen filling.

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Our Upcoming Stores

Mytyre Point rapidly expanding their network below are the upcoming stores in different regions of India:-

  • Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Faridabad, Haryana
  • Hyderabad, Telangana
  • Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Bhiwani, Haryana
  • Bhatinda, Punjab


Brand Management: MyTyrePoint brand is one-and-only in the tyre trade. MyTyrePoint franchise store takes care of all trusted brands. This makes business much easier while earning more in business.

Tyre Companies Business Network/Links: As MyTyrePoint Franchise, we avoid the procedure of taking dealership with each and every tyre company to receive tyre supplies. At MyTyrePoint, we assure regular supply of different tyre brands from their local tyre warehouses.

Single Deposit Account System: It is not required to have separate deposits with every tyre company. Opening a single deposit account with us will enable franchisee to get stock from different brands on the available offer. This feature will help in reducing the startup costs.

Service Flexibility: As there is vast range of tyre brands to access, there is a choice to select specific tyre brands that can go to selling outlet. This service flexibility for franchise store owner enables more brands in inventory for earning more profits.

Competitive Pricing: The supply cost for a franchisee and a dealer is the same for various tyre brands. Also the dealer schemes of companies are also applied to franchisees. This service feature enables competitive pricing.

Business Training: To run a successful tyre retail business, thorough knowledge of tyres, designs, technology, pricing, discount model etc. is essential.  There is a lot of risk involved if learning is made during the time of running the business.

Attractively designed store: A retail selling outlet has to be attractively designed to invite the interest of customers. We make sure that all our franchise stores are wonderfully designed. To this effect, we prepare layouts in a standardized design.

Increased Revenue Streams: A franchisee need not put efforts to expand his business. MyTyrePoint also offers different auto-related services that include wheel balancing, wheel alignment, auto accessories sales, car wash (Hot wash, cold wash, foam wash), car dry-cleaning, paint protection, paint restoration, rust protection, car wrap services, car detail services, Batteries, Roadside assistance and Insurance.

Distribution Center: We have designed this model to the benefit of outlet that it works as both distribution center and a selling point. The company as a Distributor for India for a vast range of products also introduced automotive products as its own brand. In this context, the franchisee is given a business opportunity to distribute those automotive parts/products in his local area.

Virtual Stocks: Assume that a customer asks you for a product that is not in your store, at that time you can prepare the sale through virtual inventory and this is available at MyTyrePoint.com.

Company Buy Back: If a store owner is unable to sell some stock of tyres and when it is retaining some of his investments, at that time the company offers a buy back opportunity of that portion of unsold stock. This feature of de-risk model helps franchisees to operate their business without any hassles.

Marketing Support: Every franchisee receives marketing support from the company. The benefit of regular marketing methods and back office active support to operate their daily business activities that includes, forwarding mails, calling customers, planning sales, marketing to corporate etc., is fully guided by the company.

Brands Available in Our Stores: We always support according to the market brand of particular store location, We are dealing with all the leading brands like Apollo tyres, Falken Tyres, Jk Tyre, TVS two wheeler tyres, Bridgestone tyres and more.

The above stated benefits offered by MyTyrePoint delivers a unique franchise opportunity in automotive retail sector.


MyTyrePoint franchise program is ideally designed for upcoming and new entrepreneurs who may be new to the industry. This program gives access to make an easy entry into automotive retailing sector. It also takes away the obstacles related to the startup of tyre retail business. Our company provides the best care for all the issues that includes tyre supply, storage design, business and technical training, infrastructure design, different income streams, marketing & IT support.  Our partner requires only interest and dedication to start their own automotive retail business. Finances and other business startup needs are arranged by our company.

MyTyrePoint created some other income streams also apart from the basic idea of promoting MyTyrePoint. This is introduced in order to make the business more flexible rather than being just a tyre sales point. It gives better chance for franchise to create resources, equipment, space, staff to be able to earn more from different sources. It includes:

  • Tyre Services: Alignment, balancing and replacement of wheels
  • Semi-automated car washing system.
  • Car Detailing services adds as another source of income for a franchisee. Training will be provided by the company. The company has partnered with a leading Global brand.
  • Franchisee is also allowed to be a sub-distributor of the products in the local area and this adds to the alternative income. The company is a nationwide distributor for few specific global brands. Franchisee revenues are increased with this source.
  • Sale of Accessories, insurance etc.
  • In the near future, more products and services will be added.

MyTyrePoint.com arranges all tyre brands for sales. It is recommended to have 4-5 tyre brands in store to have sufficient inventory and customer needs, volumes and margins. The company provides complete guidance on different models of tyres, sizes and patterns that should be put for sale in store.

Since all different brand tyres cannot be stored on the shelves, virtual inventory is arranged by the company. If a customer asks for an expensive set of tyres for BMW 5 series, you do not have it in your store. But, your store will be able to supply to the customer by placing order with MyTyrePoint online.  It will be processed and the tyres will be delivered at the store.  This way, virtual inventory benefits a franchise.

Company will give you business training that includes tyre sizes, upsizing, tyre marketing techniques etc.

An area of 1000 sq.as minimum is required   to start a MyTyrePoint.

It will be 1.5 years to be entitled for Payback. But according to our estimates, it can be earlier also.

Two mechanics for operations and if they are not trained, the company trains them to do the jobs of car servicing, tyre servicing, car washing and detailing.

It is not needed. You can hire anyone. Company provides training sessions for every service offered in MyTyrePoint. These will help staff to get full knowledge and skills to start off the work.

Certainly, franchisee can hire any person whom you trust and company will provide training for each service offered. Training is offered to all with or without previous training.

Designing and branding of the stores is done by the company.

With 3D dimension design, company will take care of the visualization and layout. As a franchise owner you need not worry about it.

5-year warranty offered by tyre companies is free from any manufacturing defects. If in case any damage occurs caused by road hazards which is more prevalent on Indian roads, our company gives a two-year unconditional warranty and covers damages caused to the goods. This is in addition to the   five-year standard warranty offered by the tyre companies.

Yes.  These machines are really important for use. No store can be opened without this basic tyre servicing machinery.  Further a very good income is earned through tyre services provided by these machines.

Approximately, it takes nearly two months to make your store fully functional if building structure is ready to use.

Yes, you should buy from our selling point only.  Franchisee is not allowed to buy stock from any outside seller.

No. You have to arrange staff and they have to be local area. Company will provide training to your staff.

Yes, you can open more than 1 store in local areas or in different cities. This model enables to control and monitor the store from a remote location also. This is an extensive model that helps you to achieve good results and expand business in a span of two years.

Yes. In metros with there is a lot of potential as there will not be more than 1 MyTyrePoint in radius of 5 km. Tier two cities are likely to have couple of outlets. Smaller cities will have just one retail outlet. The business secret is, there will only be just one outlet when there is a market to sell up to 3000 tyres.