Buy JK Tyre Tyres Online

JK Tyre is one company which is synonymous with tyres in India. Most individuals would have heard of this company from the time they were born.

Over the years, JK Tyre has actively engaged with customers through various print and TV campaigns. It is the leader in sales of Indian radial tyres for passenger cars, trucks and buses. In fact, it is the first company to have introduced All Steel Truck & Bus Radials in India.

The tyre UX1 from this company has recently won Auto Bild Advisor Product of the Year award.

In addition, it also has an active presence in Motorsports across the country, sponsoring various events such as the JK Tyre National Caring Championship and more recently Tata T1 Truck racing championship. provides you JK Tyre radials at very affordable rates. With us, you can be assured of original products every time.

While buying a new JK tyre for an old car, make sure you choose the same size JK tyres that were available with the brand new car that was offered by the car manufacturer.

If you have no idea about the car tyre size recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, you can simply check the owner's manual or you can also find the information displayed on the tyre placard or you can check JK tyre online.

If you buy JK tyres online and are not sure about the size of the tyre, then you can take help from a car tyre specialist and you can also speak about the JK tyres price.

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