Buy Giti Tyres Online

The Singapore headquartered company, Giti was launched in 1951 when it started manufacturing bicycle tyres. Now Giti ranks among the top tyre manufacturing companies and produces Tyres for all commercial and passenger vehicles. In 1995, Giti expanded further by opening distribution centres in India. In recent years, Giti tyres have created more carried options for car owners and customers seeking to buy new Giti Tyres. Their all-weather tyres are suitable for driving at high speed and have a tread that offers stability. Giti sells a range of tyres and related services at a very affordable price value. The high performing Tyres are suitable for both construction and commercial vehicles. The dependable tyres offer all-around performance with a great balance between safety, comfort and affordability.

The latest models have been designed with a focus on increased safety and smooth driving. When you buy Giti Tyres Online and are confused about the size and other specifications, don’t forget to take assistance from car tyre professional. 

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