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Indian vehicles have been running on Ceat tyres since 1958. At a time when there were hardly any manufacturers of tyres in the country, Ceat was the leading brand. Today Ceat is a rejuvenated & brand with a state-of-the-art new radial tyre manufacturing plant. As a customer, you get to select from a diverse range of tyres which suit different vehicle types and needs. A range of tyres available here includes passenger car radials, motorcycle tyres and truck/bus radials/bias tyres. The company is driven by the passion to create tyres not just as accessories, but as an important element contributing towards safe and secure driving. In the motorcycle world, Ceat is the leading manufacturer preferred by many motorists in India. They have made a splash with "Dhoom 3" range of bike tyres. In PCR segment "Milaze" has been a huge success in the market by virtue of being the best value for money tyre. Similarly, Czar has made its presence felt in the country’s SUV market. We share a special relationship with Ceat tyres as their authorized dealers all over India and their premier partner for online sales of their products. While buying Ceat tyres online from or from MyTyrePoint franchise store in your city you are assured of best prices, comprehensive warranty and original product.

"CEAT is making a speedy progress with deluxe tyres that have grown very popular for their strong, soft and protected grip on roads. The company produces superb quality world-class radials for a huge array of vehicles."

"One of India's foremost tyre marketers: capable of manufacturing of 95,000 +Tyres / day"

CEAT produces top performing world-class radial tyres for the large volume of vehicles. The company has the chief market share in the light truck and truck tyre market.

"CEAT is time-honoured with corporate culture, dependability, zing and robustness. We are dedicated to innovation, to fabricate, reform and assist millions of vehicles to reach destinations safely"

Finding the right size of CEAT tyre is a matter of understanding the tire code given on the side of any tire. You need to understand three basic measurements, i.e. width, aspect ratio and rim diameter, given on the CEAT tyres. When you buy CEAT tyre online, the provided codes speak volume about its speed index, construction and many others things that you get to know through below given paragraphs.

They are usually labelled responsible for performance, safety and comfort. Thus, it is imperative for a car enthusiast to take optimum care of their car’s tires and pay a great attention while choosing a right set of tires. When you buy CEAT tyre, you can ask the person about the CEAT tyre price as well as the quality of the tyres.

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