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Accelera tyres are budget tyres manufactured in Indonesia by E tyres. They have been constructed through advanced technology. The first set was produced in 1996 for its target customers of sporty passenger cars. The Accelra group specializes in the manufacturing of economy tyres known for reasonable prices and balanced performance.

Accelera tyre is absolutely appalling for on and off driving and is labelled for impressive performance. The combination of a dynamic, sturdy block design makes it a perfect buy if you want ultra-high performance. The crisp handling offers long treated life and solid grip. Because of hydroplaning resistance and dry braking, this tyre offers amazing tread life, the best in class. Accelera tyres deliver outstanding wet stopping and deliver ultimate grip with an amazing tread life.

When buying Accelera Tyre online for your car, make sure you check the cornering grip and ensure getting professional help with Accelera tyres prices that vary in terms of models and built.

Accelera is an Imported Brand and it provides a limited warranty on their products i.e., manufacturing warranty.

Manufacturing warranty covers the manufacturing defects like bead separation, Steel Belt separation.

No Product Listed for this brand.

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