Michelin Introduced New Range of SUV Tyres : LTX FORCE

6th June, 2017

French tyre giant Michelin today declared the accessibility of its Force scope of SUV tyres in India.

According to Michelin, the launch of Michelin LTX force tyres in India support company to increase their market share and product range.

The SUV market is one of the quickest developing sections in India. Indian market is regularly evolving in term of SUV vehicles.

Industry gauges show one in four vehicles sold a year ago were a SUV and as more Indians select SUVs, this section is assessed to keep developing, both in urban communities and other areas of the country.

"Our LTX Force is an all-rounder and is perfect for SUV Owners who consistently utilize their vehicle on both cleared and Offroad," Michelin India Commercial Director Mohan Kumar said.

Michelin is one of the biggest tyre manufacturers of tyres in the world; Currently Michelin is present in 170 countries and manufactured around 187 million tyres in 2016.

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