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Size: 90/90 R 17

MRP : 2104.00

Selling Price : 1913.00

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the FS TL range of MRF tyre has been regarded as the most reliable tyre by any motorcyclist in the country. It is the most appropriate tyre for high-performance bikes. One of the best advantages of buying the MRF zapper FS TL is that it offers great grip, and amazing tread. Another major benefit is its economical price label, which make it very competitive in the Indian tyre market. With Zapper FS TL, MRF has verified all the important features of an ideal tyre. It offers optimum braking and strong handling in dry road conditions.

Perfect For - Marvellous grip under wet road conditions


Key features of Zapper FS TL tyre

  1. Exclusive and rigorous design that effortlessly claw on gravel-ridden surfaces
  2. Extended tyre longevity with sturdy tyre design
  3. Better grip at high speeds, minimal chance of slipping
  4. Great cornering and manoeuvring

The economical price of MRF zapper FS TL is the best part about this tyre. It has been vigorously tested to provide safe ride experience. It offers superior dynamics, fantastic road grip, tarmac, and everything that the youth of the country can ask for.

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