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Size: 2.75 R 18

MRP : 2048.00

Selling Price : 1862.00

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The MRF ZAPPER FM has been engineered with tough materials that assure in providing excellent control, precise cornering and agility to offer high performance. These tyres are available in different rim sizes varying from 18 to 19 inches. They boast of having been modelled with exclusively functional grooves that enable great water drainage action and proper distribution of energy.

Perfect For - The MRF Zapper FM is perfect for highway rides


Key features of MRF ZAPPER FM

  1. Enhanced acceleration and performance.
  2. Better overall safety.
  3. Swift evacuation of water that prevents hydroplaning.
  4. Smooth braking and defined handling of the bike.

This MRF tyre is one of the high performing radials from the MRF Company. It combines comfort features and hardened performance to deliver the best ride experience. The tyre enforces balances and stable driving on numerous grounds.

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