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Size: 2.75 R 18

MRP : 2157.00

Selling Price : 1961.00

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The MRF Zapper C is one of the sturdiest and most powerful MRF tyres. With a built that screams of rippling power, this MRF has got every great feature to offer. Available in plenty of sizes, these are available for purchase. Buy MRF tyres to experience supremacy in both traction and cornering abilities. Apart from offering great traction on the sandy, soft and rough terrain, this tyre has got all wheel fitments.

Perfect For - Great handling and excellent traction on all kinds of terrain


Key features of MRF ZAPPER C

  1. All season high performance premium compound
  2. Extended, strong, and rounded shoulder profile
  3. Better cut-edges for better cornering
  4. Excellent grip with multiple cross over the grooves

The Zapper C will not only give you a strong performance but also make your vehicle look stylish and distinctive. The superior tyre structure and features are an excellent combination that worth an investment.

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