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Size: 2.75 R 18

MRP : 2073.00

Selling Price : 1885.00

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As ferocious as it looks, the MRF RIB gives a hard riding on rough road conditions. Engineered for providing better protection and increase tyre life, this MRF tyre can be an excellent choice for those who want enjoy high speed biking in all-weather season. The steel belt encasing on the rim adds to its overall strength and gives better performance. This radial polishes the mileage, increase the speed and the endurance capacity as well. The tough look is excellent for avoiding irregular wear and tear; it also enables good breaking performance.

Perfect For - Long drive, highway and city use


Key features of MRF RIB

  1. Rib tread pattern for providing better control over the bike
  2. Enhanced grip for excellent stability
  3. Additional strength with steel belt encasing
  4. Increased life span and better protection

MRF RIB tyre is worth a purchase for all those young lads who want to enjoy biking at a great speed and ride with a reliable tyre that provides better protection and has better tyre life. You can purchase MRF tyre online and get exclusive discounts as well.

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