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Size: 2.25 R 19

MRP : 1202.00

Selling Price : 1093.00

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THE MRF Company takes pride in the fact that all their manufactured tyre variants are developed with advanced techniques and through their in-house technologies. The MRF MOTO-D is especially manufactured with a special all-season polymer compound that serves the purpose of increasing the longevity of the MRF tyre. This variant of MRF tyre has been designed with a premium all-season tread pattern that provides strong handling on all road conditions.

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Key features of the MRF MOTO D

  1. Firm and stable grip
  2. Specially formulated combination of various compounds and rubber
  3. The tread pattern provides excellent cornering
  4. Engineered with fine accuracy

The MRF MOTO D is an economical option for your vehicle. These tyres can be the best buy for those looking up for tyres that can last long and provide excellent durability. Buy MRF tyre to get miraculous riding experience and best grip on the road.

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