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The organization was built up in 1941 and consulted with Chrysler Corporation for licenses to assemble a Plymouth auto and a Dodge, sold under the Dodge, Plymouth, DeSoto and Fargo's names beginning around 1949. In the early years, quality was viewed as great by both Chrysler and the Indian Department of Defense. In 1949, sections were being made in India, beginning with less difficult segments and bit by bit developing to more mind-boggling pieces. Two organizations made parts for these vehicles: Premier and Hindustan Motors of Calcutta. The early years of Premier and Hindustan were set apart by low deals, because of the span of the market; just around 20,000 vehicles for every year were made in India, in 65 unique models. To keep remote organizations from commanding by mass-creating parts to be gathered into autos in India, the administration set up soak import obligations on imported parts in 1954, enabling Indian parts-creators to survive.

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