What are the five ways to extend the Tyre Life

8th January, 2018

While there are no tyres which are last forever, but it cost expensive to replace vehicle tyres because car tyres price or bike tyres price fluctuates and we cannot determine the certain price of tyres.

Tyre Life

There are 5 ways to extend the tyres life

1.Weekly inspection

Weekly check your tyres and if you find any irregularity in tread wear then it means that it can raise the problem of alignment or inflation.

Most of the time problem arises with the vehicle which people park their car there for a long time and do not drive frequently and if you are not driving frequently than you should check your bike tyres or car tyres timely.

2.Monthly alignment

Monthly check your tyres alignment. If you are not experienced or licensed mechanic then it is better to leave this job to the professionals for the best alignment.

3.Tyres rotation

Every 6,000 miles (9,700 km) rotate your tyres. Whenever you get an oil change then it is the most convenient time to rotate your tyres. Never switch your tyres on the same axle. If you will keep your tyres rotating then it will promote your tread wear.

4.Tyres suspension

Whenever your ride begins and you feel that your ride is becoming rougher then it means that you need to check your suspension.

Always compare your previous experience with the vehicle and with your previous experience it will help you to resolve the issues with the suspension. By your suspension component and wheel alignment, you can determine chamber.

5.Inflation pressure

Consult with the vehicle owner’s manual to know the proper tyre pressure for your vehicle. We recommend you to check the tyre inflation monthly or should check after a long trip. Improper air pressure in tyres can cause structural damage, tyre failure, and poor gas mileage.

Always keep your tyres properly inflated for the better gas mileage and to save your money at the pump.

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