How to get better Gas Mileage No matter where you drive

26th October, 2017

The talks about the fuel economy are one of the debatable topics in the car industry. As soon as the eco-friendly concerns and fuel options rolled off the line, car users have been talking about various ways to optimize the performance.

car tyre

Not only vehicles, tyre manufacturers like Apollo tyres have also introduced a range of fuel-efficient tyres. Fuel economy is something Indian car owners have long had given interest, as they want to save money on the fuel costs and finds ways to reduce fuel consumption as they drive on the long road trips.

Today technology has made our cards easier to drive, and faster to cover the difference than ever before, but the debate about gas mileage remains the same. So, here we are going to share you pro tips of how you can get better mileage irrespective of the roads and weather conditions you drive in.

Use high-quality tyres- A good car tyre is a good athlete. It can always derive exceptional performance and perform reasonable irrespective of the conditions. This means that it is important for car enthusiasts to pay equal attention to the tyres. Apollo tyre is known for its fuel-efficient design and tread pattern that ensures keeping a reliable grip on the road surfaces.

Both the side walls and circumferential grooves ensure efficient handling and stability and thus helping your car to pull off on tough Indian roads. A high-quality tyre will ensure your vehicle is set to consume less fuel, and burn it efficiently for powerful performance in both the wet and rough terrains.

A good tyre will give your vehicle a tune-up, improve the functions and help in the easy manoeuvring. Be sure to get your tyres replaced when you’ve noticed any issues, as sometimes the faulty tyres will not only drag down the performance of your vehicle but also burn a lot of excess fuel. Finally, if you’re in the market to get a new tyre, consider buying Apollo tyres as they are the best for Indian roads.

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