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Size: 235/70 R 16

MRP : 7930.00

Selling Price : 7209.00

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The APTERRA H/T is one of the most durable tyres ever manufactured by Apollo. The heavenly toughness, strong outer casing and most extreme solidness are the specialty of APTERRA H/T. This is a tyre that is especially engineered for highway cruising. The wear-resistant compound makes it tough against wear and tear; provides even wearing and enhances thetread life.

Perfect for- Extensive highway cruising


Key features ofAPTERRA H/T

  1. Extraordinary tread plan combined with grounded shoulder and stiffer focus rib.
  2. Excellent controlling and dry handling provided through special tread pattern.
  3. Broad pattern groves to support outstanding wet grip.
  4. Unique pitch sequence to reduce the noise production.

This advanced variant of Apollo has got the best grooves and sipes ever bundled in any Apollo tyres which makes them high-performing on rough terrain and wet streets as well.

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